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Legal Obligations

Weee is the fastest growing element in municipal waste

Waste Electronic & Electrical Equipment (WEEE) is one of the fastest growing contributors to municipal waste, what's worse is WEEE contains many Hazardous Substances and none bio-degradable elements. Arsenic, Bromine compounds, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury can all be found in WEEE.


weee waste pileIn January 2007 the WEEE Directive came fully into force in the UK, the directive aims to reduce the impact of WEEE on the Environment, setting strict criteria for controlling the Disposal of Electronic and Electrical Equipment.  Companies cannot dispose of WEEE through the usual waste channels. Your equipment must be disposed of responsibly within the legal requirements; Waste Transfer Notes must be issued where IT equipment is deemed waste and you must use a registered Waste Carrier to transport WEEE.

All Companies and Organisations have a Duty of Care to ensure they process their Redundant IT Equipment in accordance with the WEEE Legislation, accurate record keeping is essential for compliance demonstrating an efficient sign over and asset reconciliation process.

The Environment Agency have the power to impose fines up to £500,000 to Companies or Individuals who fail to comply with the WEEE legislation.

Onsite Data can ensure you comply with the WEEE directive and prevent you from falling fowl of the Regulators.