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Shredding Hard Disk Drives | NOT Approved!

Firstly, let us set the record straight - the HMG IS5 standard for Secure Data Sanitisation which is produced by CESG and published by the Cabinet Office refers to Hard Drive Shredding ONLY as a form of Physical Hardware Destruction and ONLY for Data devices Classified SECRET and TOP SECRET  (BIL 5 & 6), you still MUST Destroy the Data first using either Overwriting or Degaussing.

There is a common misconception that shredding Hard Drives destroys the data, it doesn't!  The data is still there, only now in numerous fragments, when you consider 300 Pages of information can be recovered from 1 inch of Hard Disk Drive you can see why it isn't approved. In addition it is extremely difficult to maintain accurate records of Shredded Hard Drives.

"If your current Data Destruction process involves you removing Hard Drives from machines and then Shredding, I strongly urge you to STOP and contact us without delay!"

Shredding is an Approved Method for Destroying Optical Media such as CD's and DVD's

You CANNOT Overwrite or Degauss Optical Media so Shredding is the approved method however, you must use an Approved Shredder, Onsite Data use Security Level 3 Cross Shredders Onsite for all Optical Media.