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Degaussers Must Be CESG approved

Degaussing is an approved method of Data Destruction for magnetic media including high density metal drives, tapes and cassettes, the Degausser MUST be approved by CESG. There are literally hundreds maybe thousands of Degaussers on the market that are not approved; using one of these devices is futile and exposes you to the risk of Data Loss!  degausser 01

Onsite Data ONLY use CESG approved Onsite Degaussers, our machines vary depending on the Data Classification Level, device type and quantities allocated for Degaussing however, all Degaussing is performed Onsite (Clients premises).  We only recommend Degaussing Hard Disk Drives over 40GB in capacity, when they are either faulty or have failed the Overwriting Process, otherwise the preferred method of Data Destruction would be to Overwrite the drive using our CESG approved Overwriting Software Toolkit.

degausser 02

All Media destroyed through Degaussing is certificated onsite. Degaussing destroys both the device and the data therefore, leaving the magnetic media inoperable. Degaussed devices are signed over after certification and removed for shredding down to 6mm, which is then broken down into composite materials and recycled to strict environmental standards.

Please Note: Degaussers are approved to 2 levels in the UK, Lower and Higher, CESG have the facilities to test and approve Degaussers to the lower level and they recognise the NSA approval for higher level Degaussers, Therefore, a Degausser approved to "CESG Higher Level" would have been accredited by the NSA.