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CESG approved Overwriting software

harddrive overwrite
Overwriting Software must be CESG approved! There are numerous types and makes of overwriting software, many are available as free downloads! However, if you use unapproved software for overwriting your Hard Drives you CANNOT certify that the data destruction was successful.  Therefore the regulators would conclude that the data may still be present and recoverable.

Onsite Data only use CESG approved Overwriting Software which is guaranteed to permanently wipe all data from hard disk drives. This Overwriting Software Toolkit is used for media devices holding data at Business Impact Levels (BIL) IL0 to IL6 covering Data Classifications up to RESTRICTED, CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET and TOP SECRET levels.  See Business Impact Levels for clarification.

The benefits of overwriting Hard Drives far out way any other Method of Data Destruction, these include;

  • Electronic Certification of erasure, certifying the overwriting process was 100% successful
  • The Hard Drive is left operable and available for re-use / resale
  • Allows for Testing / Auditing as the Hard Drive remains accessible and operable

Onsite Data are able to overwrite data from any size of IDE/ATA/SAS/SCSI/USB/SATA/Fibre Channel (FATA) and FireWire drives.

At the time of writing this article CESG state there must be no more than 14 bad sectors, on any size drive for the Overwriting Process to be deemed successful, anymore and the Overwriting MUST be failed, the drive removed and Degaussed.

Our CESG approved Overwriting Software Toolkit has been specifically designed to cater for Desktop Computers, Laptops, Servers and Data Centres with enhanced support for Network Card, RAID and SAS. Our Data Erasure Teams are able to access and erase hidden or locked areas of hard drives, such as HPA, DCO and remapped sectors.