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Onsite Data Destruction | How DO We destroy IT?

As previously stated our number one priority is to ensure all your data is securely destroyed on your premises, using approved methodology - the challenges of Onsite Data Destruction can vary from site to site therefore, the processes employed have to be as rigorous as the methodology itself, ours have been tried developed, redeveloped, tried and tested over many years.

Our Data Erasure Teams (DET's) are deployed to the Clients site, the teams consist of a Team Leader and a skilled Data Erasure Technician, Data Erasure Teams are security cleared to SC with CTC which is one of the highest levels of clearance available and is required to gain access to secure areas within UK's defence sites.

Before Onsite Data Destruction can commence the Teams MUST have completed the following steps;

laptop leads

    1. Secure The Area
    2. Created an Inventory of Equipment for Disposal

We are now ready to start the Data Destruction process, for clarification this is performed on the Clients premises. People are often surprised how compact our equipment is and how minimal the disruption; we often hear comments such as:-

"I thought it would take longer"

"I thought it would make a mess"

"I thought you'd need more room"

Where in reality secure Onsite Data Destruction should be none of the above!

Approved methods for Data Destruction

Data Destruction methods used MUST be approved by the Regulatory Bodies, in the UK CESG set the standards for Secure Data Sanitisation, the approved methods vary dependent on the data device and the Data Classification Level see Business Impact Level BIL.

There are 3 primary methods of Data Destruction, click on each of the following links for further information on when and how it should be used.cesg

*PLEASE NOTE: Shredding is NOT a primary method of Data Destruction for Magnetic Media, i.e. Hard Drives, Back Up Tapes, Floppy disks etc. Please see Shredding for further details.