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When is a data asset - not a data asset?

Removing Hard Disk Drives as a security measure?

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It appears to be common practice for HDD's to be removed as part of an organisations security measures however, this practice often leads to the very thing, it was designed to eliminate; Data Loss.

  • During site inspections our erasure teams often find HDD's still in machines, which have been classified "data free" by the customer. This process can lead to machines being signed over and processed as non-data items, yet HDD's holding data are still present.
  • HDD removal breaks the chain of traceability; throughout the assets life it has been tracked using the "Asset Tag" which resides on the exterior of the assets case, HDD serial numbers are seldom tracked hence removal of the HDD at the disposal stage breaks all traceability, resulting in you not being able to prove the destruction of your data.
  • Loose HDD's are harder to contain and secure, with the temptation to re-use.

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