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Legal Obligations

Data Destruction & Computer Disposal Specialists

Onsite Data specialise in IT Asset Disposal (ITAD), providing our Clients "Complete Peace of Mind." When your IT needs out grow your IT equipment and it's time for a change; Onsite Data are here to help!

What may seem a simple case of "Out with the Old and In with the New" can be far from simple, when it comes to the disposal of your end of life computer equipment. The Regulations and Legislation that encompass IT Asset Disposal span many areas and are far from simple.

throw away

You can't just "Throw Out" your "Old IT Equipment"

You have a "Duty of Care" as the end user, to ensure all information is securely and irretrievably destroyed and that you protect the Environment using ethical, environmentally friendly methods, this is where we can help!

Onsite Data's services have been designed to surpass the requirements set out by the Regulators; providing that added peace of mind and protection for our Clients.

Onsite Data ensures your organisation is meeting all legal and environmental requirements for IT disposal by

  • guaranteeing Secure Onsite Data Destruction
  • guaranteeing data cannot be recovered using any known technology
  • providing electronic Data Destruction Certificates for all Data Assets
  • providing full and comprehensive asset reconciliation and sign over
  • ensuring your IT Re-marketing achieves the highest level of returns
  • managing your staff purchase schemes
  • managing your charitable donation schemes

We only use approved methods for Data Destruction and insist that all data is destroyed on the Clients premises.  Under no circumstances will we ever remove Data from a Clients site. See "Why Must IT Be Onsite?"

Personnel integrity is paramount to Secure Data Destruction, all our Onsite Data Erasure Teams are security cleared to (SC with CTC) which is one of the Highest Levels of security clearance available and is required for our staff to obtain substantial access to SECRET Assets and occasional access to TOP SECRET assets.  Your own staff provide an additional level of security as our processes are performed onsite which allows your staff the ability to supervise the Data Destruction and Asset Reconciliation process.

Onsite Inventory

  • Full Asset Reconciliation
  • Hard Drive Inspection
  • Asset Sign Over
  • End to End Traceability
  • Unique Identifiers
  • Full Certification
  • Secure Asset Management

Onsite Data Destruction

  • Desktops, Laptops
  • Servers, Data Centres
  • Optical Media, CD's DVD's
  • Portable Media, USB's, HDD's
  • Photocopiers, Printers, Fax's
  • Mobile Phones, PED's, PDA's
  • Medical Devices

WEEE IT Disposal

  • Computers, Servers
  • Networking Equipment
  • CRT & TFT Monitors
  • Keyboards, Mice
  • Photocopiers, Printers, Fax's
  • Mobile Devices, Phones, PDA's
  • All types of WEEE