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IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) Compliance Audit

secure onsite servicesWith the current downturn in the Economic Climate and increasing pressures to save money wherever possible, both the Public and Private Sectors are facing greater challenges to increase productivity whilst cutting costs. IT equipment, refresh rates, policies, methods and procedures are all areas often placed under scrutiny! However, in an attempt to "Save Money" organisations often overlook the revenue potential obtainable by running an effective IT Disposal Process however, what's really concerning is these changes often substantially increase the associated risks; which could ultimately end up costing a whole lot more!

Organisations should regularly carry out internal compliance audits on their current IT Asset Disposal processes to ensure compliance in all areas, whilst minmimising costs and maximising revenue returns. Onsite Data provide various levels of Compliance Audits, starting with IT Asset Disposal Process Review, quote "3282" to receive this Onsite Process Review "free of charge" - a saving of £750.

strategyOrganisations and Businesses of all shapes and sizes would do well to implement an effective IT Asset Disposal Strategy, one thing we can all be certain of is this area will only get tougher!  Stricter Regulations, Harsher Penalties are all par for the course; as we move further into the "Information Age" and our reliance on data increases, so will the legislation.

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