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We Re-market IT

IT & The environment | Better to Re-use rather than Re-cycle


Recycling WEEE

Re-marketing is not only Environmentally Friendly, it's also friendly on your pocket!

Your old IT equipment still has value, in different markets, different sectors we can achieve a good return for your redundant IT equipment; in the majority of cases this revenue exceeds the cost of Data Destruction and Asset Disposal charges, so we pay you!

Our Re-marketing Team are experts in re-housing your end of life IT Equipment, with channels into 60 Countries Worldwide we consistently achieve the highest revenue for our clients.

Our current figures show we re-market over 87% of all equipment collected here within the UK.

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Before any equipment is re-marketed we remove all identification markings pertaining to the original owner, this includes physical markings, stickers and BIOS configs, leaving only our own unique identifier for traceability. see IT Equipment De-Branding.

Don't Recycle - Re-use IT - Re-market IT!

As Technology advances and we move on with the times' we leave behind us a huge problem, let us explain. The "OUT with the OLD and IN with the NEW" culture has resulted in over 2 million tonnes of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) being thrown out each year in the UK alone; the majority of which ends up on Landfill! Onsite Data refuse to be party to this!weee logo

Wherever possible, we find ways to Re-market second user equipment rather than Recycle, think about IT, not only does it save your old IT Equipment going to landfill, but also the New User has purchased equipment without requiring any additional manufacturing. This is a double saving as far as the Environment is concerned!

Onsite Data has a strict 0% Landfill Policy, meaning we send nothing to landfill!

Our stringent processes also SAVE on unnecessary WEEE! I dread to think how many tonnes of WEEE is created by Businesses needlessly Shredding their Hard Disk Drives? This not only creates a compliance issue and unnecessary waste, it also leaves the computer inoperable; reducing its value which often results in additional WEEE! See WEEE & The WEEE Legislation.


Onsite Inventory

  • Full Asset Reconciliation
  • Hard Drive Inspection
  • Asset Sign Over
  • End to End Traceability
  • Unique Identifiers
  • Full Certification
  • Secure Asset Management

Onsite Data Destruction

  • Desktops, Laptops
  • Servers, Data Centres
  • Optical Media, CD's DVD's
  • Portable Media, USB's, HDD's
  • Photocopiers, Printers, Fax's
  • Mobile Phones, PED's, PDA's
  • Medical Devices

WEEE IT Disposal

  • Computers, Servers
  • Networking Equipment
  • CRT & TFT Monitors
  • Keyboards, Mice
  • Photocopiers, Printers, Fax's
  • Mobile Devices, Phones, PDA's
  • All types of WEEE