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Onsite Data Destruction | IT Asset Disposal and WEEE

Onsite Data Destruction, Data Destruction & IT Asset Disposal are heavily regulated, complex areas, with many companies both large and small failing to comply with the abundance of legislation and regulations that govern the Secure Disposal of Redundant IT Equipment; failure to comply can result in significant fines and criminal prosecutions.


ea-logoThe process for Disposing of Redundant IT Equipment doesn't logically fit into any one department, encompassing IT, Waste, Data Governance, Procurement, Corporate Responsibility and others, yet in the majority of instances the task is assigned to just one, this often results in areas of significant importance being overlooked with grave consequences.

Although, there is often some confusion as to who should perform this task, the regulators have no doubt as to who should be responsible; as the Chief Executive / Managing Director you are ultimately accountable.

Get IT Wrong at your Peril!

weee logoOnsite Data is dedicated to helping you achieve compliance; protecting you, your data and your reputation.

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As specialists in this area, our expertise affords our clients complete Peace of Mind, our processes are strict; as they need to be and we only follow methods approved to Military Standards.  When it comes to your Businesses reputation, intellectual property or your clients information you cannot afford to take risks.  

Read on and we'll show you the how to's and explain why you don't need to take Risks! Please feel free to bookmark this page and pop back and see us from time to time, or if you'd prefer subscribe to our newsletter and we'll keep you informed of any changes, as and when they occur.cesg

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