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How much is your old IT equipment worth?

IT may be worth a lot more than you think!


Old IT equipment is often undervalued and in many ways becomes insignificant once replaced however, it's more valuable than you may think and in more ways than one! Redundant IT equipment is often treated as scrap; outshined by its shiny new replacement, where as in reality, if your old IT equipment previously held data; it is more valuable than any new replacement, waiting to be deployed.  Your data is possibly one of the biggest assets, if not the biggest asset to your business, yet after many years of safeguarding it is often left to fend for itself during the disposal process.

If managed properly your IT asset disposal process, should safeguard your data, your assets and in many cases generate revenue; we can show you how.

We have produced a free step-by-step guide, explaining what to do, what not to do and highlighting:

12 Practices you need to avoid!

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