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Data Classification | Business Impact Levels (BIL)

Approved Data Destruction Methodology is dependant on BIL

Data Destruction methods are dependent on a number of factors, which include the Data Device itself and the Business Impact Level (BIL) which denotes the sensitivity of the data, your Information Governance Officer will be able to explain these to you in detail specific to your business however, I want to mention two areas where the BIL is increased.

Aggregation of Data Sources

  • In simple terms - data content from one source on its own may not be deemed high risk however, bring together two or more low risk data sources and the risk may be increased significantly!

Accumulation of Data Sources

  • In simple terms - a low BIL data set comprising of a couple of records may be "low risk" however, 50,000 records may be an entirely different story!

I highlight these two points as data assets are often classified during their lifecycle, dependent on where they exist within the business unit and the type of role they perform however, when no longer required these Redundant Assets are removed and stored collectively, Aggregation and Accumulation of data at its best!