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Server & Data Centre Decommissioning

Server-Room 2Onsite Data Destruction specialises in decommissioning Data Centres, operating a Worldwide Service; we are able to support your Companies Global Needs.

As always our Number 1 Priority is to securely destroy the Data within the confines of your Data Centre, No Data Shall Leave Your Premises.

We fully appreciate as do you, that the Sensitivity and Classification of data that resides on your servers may be even Higher to that which resides on your Desktops and Laptops, if only due to the Aggregation and Accumulation of Data, see Data Classifications (BIL).

Our Highly Skilled Data Erasure Teams armed with Specialist Server Toolkits are used to working with a wide range of server configurations, including Physical and Virtual Servers, Blade Servers, SAN Storage Solutions and an array of RAID configurations; we've probably seen it all!

Asset Sign Over & Reconciliation applies to Data Centres too, accurate records are vital to ensure compliance with the Regulators, Onsite Data provide a full Inventory of the Physical Assets Processed, for verification by your Staff before sign over, see Onsite Asset Reconciliation.

Once your Servers are certified "DATA SAFE" having been erased of all data, the servers and cabinets are carefully dismantled and packaged for transportation back to our "Secure Facility", where they go through our rigorous De-branding process before allocation for Re-marketing.