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Does your WEEE partner hold an environmental permit or exemption?

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In order for companies to treat, refurbish or store WEEE they must hold an environmental permit or waste exemption from the Environment Agency.

This is designed to ensure any storage or treatment of WEEE is done in accordance with the relevant standards under the WEEE Directive and Defra's 'Guidance on Best Available Treatment Recovery and Recycling Techniques (BATRRT) and treatment of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)'.

The Environment Agency is currently carrying out a national compliance campaign from November 2011 to ensure that all sites which store and treat WEEE are complying with permit conditions that implement these BATRRT requirements.

Advanced Digital Dynamics are an appointed AATF (Authorised Approved Treatment Facility). This allows us to produce evidence to Producer Compliance Schemes that equipment has been recycled correctly.  Download a copy of the Envoronment Agency's WEEE Treatment Flyer.

The following WEEE waste streams applicable to our industry are being targeted as a priority:

  • Cathode ray tubes (CRTs)
  • Flat panel display units
  • Small mixed WEEE

Did you know CRT Monitors are now classified as Hazardous waste?

Do you have the appropriate documentation in place?

Failure to comply with the various regulations that govern the area of IT Asset Disposal can result in fines up to £500,000

To help you achieve compliance we have produced a free step-by-step guide, explaining what to do, what not to do and highlighting:

12 Practices you need to avoid!

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